Who are we?

Sedona Tire & Wheel builds products for today’s modern ATVs, UTVs/Side-by-Sides, and Offroad motorcycles that offer high-quality, cutting edge technology and real world performance. By working with one of the largest automotive tire factories in the world, Sedona Tire & Wheel jointly develops its tires through meticulous research and testing in order to provide the highest quality and most technically advanced products on the market. At Sedona Tire & Wheel we like to push the boundaries to find the ultimate ride for your machine.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build tires and wheels for today's ATVs, UTVs and offroad motorcycles that offer a high standard of quality, technology and performance—without the price.

Sedona Tire and Wheel Mission

Our Story

Sedona Tire & Wheel was established in 2006 in order to address the growing demand for tires and wheels that kept up with the evolving technology in today’s ATVs, UTVs/side-by-sides, and offroad motorcycles. Larger engines, more horsepower, more suspension, and larger size and weight created the demand for more advanced tires and wheels. As a result of these demands the Sedona Tire & Wheel brand was born.

Working with one of the largest automotive tire factories in the world, Sedona Tire & Wheel utilized the latest in radial and bias ply technology, combined with high-tech rubber compounds developed in the offroad truck industry, to quickly establish itself as an innovator in the ATV and UTV/side-by-side markets. Sedona Tire & Wheel developed a range of tires and wheels that continues to grow in models, applications and new technology with each passing year.

Today, Sedona Tire & Wheel is recognized as one of the fastest growing ATV and UTV/side-by-side tire and wheel brands in the industry and is distributed worldwide. In the United States, Sedona products are distributed exclusively by Boise, Idaho based Western Power Sports (WPS, Inc.).